Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our MOQ is 100 boxes and there no specified limit for maximum number.
Customers usually get price quote on live chat. However, it usually takes 40-50 minutes to get a quote for inquiries received through Quote Forms.
Completely changing the box's look to match your design is no big deal. Our excellent in-house designers can design your artwork for printing on boxes.
Our in-house printing technology includes state-of-the-art offset, digital, and screen printing.
Yes, you are always welcome to make changes but make sure you are changing your design before starting production of the boxes. Top Custom Boxes always welcomes clients because we always focus on your 100% satisfaction.
You may cancel your order at any time within the first 48 hours after placing the order.
Each box is pre-assembled (glued) before shipping and sent flat.
Standard lead time of Top Custom Boxes is 10-12 business days. However, it takes 6-8 days for rush order.
We provide all types of packaging, and you can learn about it on our website. On the home page, you will come to know about it easily because we have categorized everything. You can find as per by industry, box type, and packaging style.
Any file submitted for printing must be in the .psd, .ai, or .cdr format and have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

Top Custom Boxes: One-Stop Packaging Solutions in UK

Whether you want a small number of custom boxes or hundreds of them, our services are available to you. We have the infrastructure in the UK to support your business at all stages of growth. Further, we can provide short-run or long-run packaging solutions at affordable pricing. Our goal at Top Custom Boxes is to see your company thrive. Our easy-to-use website, eco-friendly products, customer service, and packaging expertise support e-commerce. So, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help your company expand.

  • For Small Companies

It's natural to be anxious about the future of your business when introducing a new product line. For this reason, we provide packaging options with no more than a 100-unit minimum order. As a result, there is still the option to purchase branded custom packaging boxes at a reasonable price.

  • For Growing Companies

Is your company on the rise, and do you need a quality personalised packaging solution to keep up with the demand? It’s an ideal time to find a trustworthy partner. We have you covered from beginning to end, providing everything from professional packaging advice to discounted rates for bulk orders.

Custom Packaging Services That We Offer

  • Custom Mailer Boxes

Check out our amazing selection of specialised mailer boxes. Top Custom Boxes offer the optimal choice for online retailers and companies of all sizes. We can also customise them right now if you like.

  • Premium Packaging for Luxury Brands

You must also check out our collection of luxury custom boxes and more to find the perfect fit for your premium products. The custom rigid boxes are perfect for packing luxury items such as branded watches, perfumes, or more.

  • Custom Box Inserts

Get premium quality and custom-made box inserts just for your goods. They are ideal for storing items safely and presenting them attractively to customers.

  • Printed Packaging and Boxes

Our wholesale printed boxes are available in various styles and materials. They are the ideal choice for various uses, including subscription boxes, online store packaging, and in-store retailing. Do you need custom-printed stickers and labels, thank you cards, or brochures? We have you covered for a more satisfying unwrapping experience. In addition to custom boxes, we also offer labels, brochures menu printing and much more services.

Get Custom Printed Boxes: Maximum Brand Marketing

It's not enough to know what you're doing in the digital age. You also need to adapt quickly to new situations and environments. As technology progresses, marketing becomes more important than ever. It's crucial to the growth of your brand. You may maximise your advertising potential with custom product boxes. How? You can achieve this by attracting lots of buyers' attention. Customised boxes are a great way to stand out in today's competitive marketplace. Moreover, increasing people's interest is a great approach to getting the word out about your products. This will allow you to feel confident in your commercial dealings.

For this reason, Top Custom Boxes can provide your custom boxes with logo and brand name. It aids you in keeping a respectable profile in the business world and ensures instant brand recognition. The result is increased loyalty from the customers. Our mission is to aid commercial success by standardising post-purchase packaging and shipping procedures. We offer packaging options to meet the ever-evolving demands of your expanding business.

Be a Part of Sustainable Packaging Solution

As packaging waste and pollution rise, brands and businesses use green packaging solutions. You can help the environment and provide a delightful unboxing experience by using sustainable packaging. Thus, Top Custom Boxes to use eco-friendly custom made boxes manufactured from Kraft paper and Bux board. They pose no threat to the environment, and you can also easily dispose of or recycle them. These eco-safe boxes are also great for getting the attention of people who worry about the environment. We may customise them to match your needs, as they come in many forms, colours, and sizes. The high-quality printing, graphics, and branding additions help them attract clients and boost sales for their companies.

Our Custom Packaging Process: Convenient & Quick

Our detailed guide on placing an order for packing will give you an idea of what to do at each step. When you get such a smooth, fast selection process, why would you go to any other packaging supplier? So, try our services, and you would forget other suppliers.

1. Get a Quote for Custom Boxes

Find a quote for any of forty plus available package choices and make it your own with flexible ordering options.

2. Buy a physical Sample (Optional)

Before placing a large order, it's a good idea to get a packaging sample to check the sizes and quality.

3. Time to Place Your Order

Pick your shipping option of choice and complete your purchase on our site.

4. Upload Your Artwork

Further, we will make a dieline template for you to use, so all you have to do is add your artwork.

5. Starts Production

After receiving your final artwork approval, production will begin and take about 12-16 days to complete.

6. Ship Packaging

Last but not least, one is to ship your packages. Once your package has been checked and approved, we will ship it to the address you provided.

Need an Experts Guide?

Just describe the items you need packaging, and our helpful staff will assist you in choosing the best packaging method. As packaging experts, we can develop custom boxes that can protect your brand's image and your budget. Learn how to adapt to new packaging rules and create a more ethical brand with the help of our eco-packages. You can also get bulk discounts and free storage for all your unused packaging by placing a large order with us. Our product boxes are perfect enough to set a name for your brand.

What Are You Waiting For? Get These Exceptional Services in No Time

Do you want custom boxes packaging for the long or short run? Is shelf-ready packaging, packing for transport, or something else that you need? Do you want some original suggestions for your layout? Fortunately, we can customise our corrugated cardboard packing options to your exact needs. This allows us to deliver custom printed boxes and cardboard boxes based on your and your clients' needs. High-quality, unique packaging may be produced quickly by us thanks to flexographic printing. So, clients can rely on taking Custom Boxes to get the highest level of quality and service. The reason is we are committed to constantly improving our processes and investing in cutting-edge technologies.

Fast Turnaround

Our typical turnaround time for short runs is three to four business days. In addition, after final clearance on the specification sheets we send before printing, it takes 7-10 days for large volumes. But if you want your custom boxes wholesale earlier than this, we charge a small fee for that. Spending a little more money to ensure high-quality and quick packaging is always worth it.

Free Shipping

Who wouldn't love to get some freebies? We understand that very well. Thus, we provide free shipping nationwide. It doesn't matter where you want these custom boxes. We can deliver them free of charge. You just have to give us the detailed address, and your packages will be delivered to that address.

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