6 Mistakes About Rigid Boxes That Can Impact Your Product Badly


Many examples show how a mediocre product with a smart marketing effort can skyrocket to success. In contrast, some novel and brilliant brands went undetected for years on store shelves due to poor packaging. Mistakes in packaging could end up costing a lot. Damaged products, ineffective advertising, and unfavourable feedback are just some unintended results of poor packaging. Avoid the six most common mistakes related to rigid boxes to affect your business badly. Overcoming them ultimately saves you time and money. 

1. Oversized Rigid Boxes

There are two major reasons why it is crucial to use the correct size of rigid boxes: Protection and reducing waste. The goal of box dimension measurement is to find the closest fit for the product. The reason is that this will offer the greatest degree of protection during shipping. You can reduce the risk of harm to your goods by limiting the amount of space they have to move around in. So, when you utilise packaging that fits the product within, customers will appreciate your effort to make unwrapping memorable.

In addition, oversize packaging creates an inaccurate impression of the size of the product and is a waste of materials. A little product in a large box will turn off customers no matter how elegant the packaging is. Thus, a negative feedback or even legal action can result from a customer's unhappiness after receiving a misleading impression. So, if you want to sell more of your goods, make sure the packaging complements it.

2. Improper Internal Packaging

Good packing goes beyond just using sturdy custom rigid boxes. Proper packaging, including the box, sealing, and reinforcing materials, protect your products from damage and pressure. First, you must use a box of the appropriate size. If the box is too small, the contents of your package will be susceptible to the effects of their surroundings. On the contrary, packing products in too large boxes increases the likelihood that they may be damaged during transit.

Next, the use of reinforcing materials is ideal for protection. You can reinforce your package's structure and add some padding with the help of bubble wrap, shape foam, or tissue paper. Third, corners are the most easily damaged components of any package. So give additional care to them when designing the box. You can rest assured that your products will remain safe during transit and storage if you take care of all three steps.

3. Poor Outer Protection

Let's say you took great care designing internal packaging. But how can your products remain safe if you don't give considerable thought to the packaging's outer protection? A grease barrier could be useful in packaging bottles of liquid. You should get a waterproof coating if you plan to show your custom rigid boxes outside. Laminating the box is also a good option that makes the box impervious to moisture. It makes folds and small cracks less noticeable.

However, it is typically reserved for high-end luxury packaging due to its exorbitant cost. Whether you want matte or glossy lamination depends on your branding or product needs. It's the one to choose if you want to embellish your exterior design with techniques like foil stamping, embossing, and spot UV.

4. Lack of Brand Differentiation for Rigid Boxes

Every company tries to make its products and brand stand out from those of its competitors. To achieve this, most high-end businesses and retailers use custom printed rigid boxes to present their brands professionally. You can earn your customers' trust by putting the same amount of care and attention into your work. But your custom rigid packaging should do more than stand out from the rest. It should also offer something that no one else does. Make sure you know the market you're going after and do some research.


Ask your design team how to make your packaging box stand out. So customers can quickly tell what your products are and what brand they belong to. You can go for different box styles such as magnetic box, sleeve and tray box, two-piece rigid box or more. Use colours and fonts strategically but ensure ` that they are well-aligned with your brand.  


5. Incorrect Packaging Style

Based on how the package looks, customers can guess what products will be like when they open the box. The packaging you decide on should strike a good balance between aesthetics and utility. It should fit easily into your supply chain and communicate what your brand stands for to customers. Businesses can't afford to use the same packaging styles that take more time and work to make.


After all, time is money. You can maximise your packaging's return on investment and reduce supply chain expenses by optimising it for more effective process operations. Collapsible rigid boxes, for instance, are a high-end packaging option. The reason is that they are easy to put together and offer a luxurious unwrapping experience. Similarly, there are other options like flip-tops, sleeves, neck and shoulder rigid boxes wholesale etc. depending upon what type of product you want to enclose.


6. Excessive Blank Spaces

Customers are more likely to pick up and use a product if the packaging is well-designed and easy to read. If you feel confused by all these things, then you can take a helping hand from a professional packaging designer. The appropriate amount of blank space and artwork designs on custom printed rigid boxes can distract the attention of buyers. Plus, finding a balance can accurately represent your company and sets you apart from the majority of your competitors.

Wrapping Up

In the retail industry, the right choice of packaging may make or break a sale. Your products can be more enticing to buyers and increase your brand recognition with the help of strategic rigid boxes. For all of your packaging needs, it's crucial to work with a reliable vendor such as Top Custom Boxes. Having a single source for all of your packaging needs can help you save time and money. Also, it can also make future purchases simpler by anticipating your needs.

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